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I only post the finished models here however you can follow my WIP posts over at my blog…
This little fella had alot of work put into him which ment it took a while longer than expected but he's done and I'm feel very proud of him.

I've also finished my house move and have my new workshop set up its small but it'll do for now.
The first of my laser cut mech the Highlander has been finished barring a few details. It really came together fast! the only thing slowing me down was a few real life hurdles and the fact that my armor cast repaint took forever to finish that model just drinks paint!

I plan to sell just 5 copies of my highlander to cover the costs of making it. After that I'm moving house on 29th June and July promises to be a very busy month so they'll be a gap before starting my next mech.
Just finished a bunch of table top mechs (pictures added)

Keep update with what I'm up to on my blog;…
Just finished my Osiris model this one took a long time to complete for lots of reasons
The last bit of my resin was use to cast a 2nd Hunchback which is on eBay at the moment should anyone be interested